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Leagues Cup 2023 : Inter Miami vs Cruz Azul Match Preview and Lineups

     Leagues Cup 2023




  Inter Miami vs Cruz Azul


                        Leagues Cup

Match Date:


Match Time:

05.30 AM IST (UTC +5:30)
0 4:00 AM  UAE 


DRV PNK Stadium

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Prediction and Preview

The upcoming match between Cruz Azul and Inter Miami at DRV PNK Stadium on Saturday, 22 July 2023, is expected to be a significant encounter, given the struggles both teams have been facing in their respective leagues.

Cruz Azul's recent form in Liga MX has been concerning, with three consecutive losses leaving them at the bottom of the Mexican top-flight. Their away form has also been a problem, managing only one win in seven away games since March.

Inter Miami, on the other hand, has been facing challenges in the MLS Eastern Conference, with no wins in 11 league games and only three points out of 33. Their latest 3-0 defeat against Saint Louis City has further compounded their position at the bottom of the standings.

Both teams will undoubtedly be eager to turn their fortunes around and secure a positive result in this match. However, as in any football game, the outcome will depend on various factors such as player performances, tactical decisions, and overall team morale.

The predicted lineups for the match indicate how the teams may set up on the field. For Cruz Azul, they are expected to go with a 4-2-3-1 formation, with players like A. Gudino, C. Tabo, and D. Cambindo likely to feature. Inter Miami, on the other hand, is predicted to play with a 4-3-3 formation, with star player L. Messi, along with J. Martinez and R. Taylor leading the attack.

While the provided lineups are based on predictions, it's important to remember that actual lineups may vary, depending on injuries, tactical decisions, and other considerations made by the teams' coaching staff.

As mentioned before, football matches can be unpredictable, and the result will only be known after the game is played. For any accurate predictions or in-depth analysis, it's best to refer to sports news websites or expert opinions closer to the match date.Inter Miami vs Cruz Azul Prediction

Prediction: Miami 4-1 Azul

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