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Arab Club Champions Cup 2023: Al Nassr Vs US Monastir Match Preview and Lineups

       Arab Club Champions Cup 2023




  Al Nassr Vs US Monastir


              Arab Club Champions Cup 

Match Date:


Match Time:

12:30 AM IST (+5:30 UTC)
11:00 PM UAE 


King Fahd Stadium

Match Live Info



Prediction and Preview

US Monastir and Al-Nassr is scheduled to take place on 31 Jul 2023 at 19:00 UTC. It will be part of the Arab Club Champions Cup and will be a Group C fixture.

As of the mentioned date, the current standings show US Monastir in 4th position, and Al-Nassr in 2nd position. This suggests that both teams will likely be determined to secure a positive result in this match to improve their standings in the group.

Match Overview:
Al Nassr and US Monastir are two well-established football clubs, each having their strengths and weaknesses. The Arab Club Champions Cup is a prestigious tournament, and matches between teams from different regions often showcase intense competition.

Al Nassr:
Al Nassr is a Saudi Arabian football club with a history of success in domestic competitions. They have a strong squad with skilled players, and they are known for their attacking style of play. Expect Al Nassr to focus on maintaining ball possession, building up attacks from the midfield, and utilizing the pace and skill of their forwards to create goal-scoring opportunities.

US Monastir:
US Monastir is a Tunisian football club that has been performing well in the domestic league and cup competitions. They are likely to approach the match with a well-organized defense and a strategic approach. They might look to capitalize on counter-attacks, making use of their pacey forwards and midfielders to exploit any spaces left by the opponent's attacks.

U.S.Monastir has had a series of competitive matches in both the Club Cup and Professional League 1, showcasing their skills and determination on the field. One of their most recent encounters was against Zamalek in the Club Cup, which resulted in a significant defeat for U.S.Monastir with a scoreline of 0-4. Despite the halftime score being 0-2, they couldn't turn the tide in their favor, leading to a loss in terms of the Asian Handicap bet.

In the Professional League 1, U.S.Monastir played a draw with CS Sfaxien, with both teams scoring one goal each. However, they managed to secure a victory against Olympique de Beja with a score of 3-1, making a strong comeback after being ahead 0-1 during halftime. Additionally, in another thrilling encounter, they triumphed over US Ben Guerdane with a 3-1 victory, again turning things around after a 0-1 deficit in the first half.

One of their recent league games against Club Africain ended in a 1-1 draw, displaying the team's ability to hold their ground against tough opponents. These matches highlight U.S.Monastir's competitive spirit, adaptability, and resilience in various game situations.

As the season progresses, fans eagerly anticipate more exhilarating performances from U.S.Monastir as they continue to showcase their talent and determination to succeed in both the Club Cup and Professional League 1. With the players' skills and team effort, they aim to secure victories and make a mark in the world of football.

Al Nassr FC has been involved in several international friendly matches in the INT CF (International Champions Cup) tournament. Let's take a closer look at their recent performances:

On July 29, they played against Al-Shabab FC, and the match ended in a goalless draw with a scoreline of 0-0. This indicates a strong defensive display from both teams, resulting in no goals being scored throughout the game.

In their previous match on July 27, Al Nassr FC faced a tough opponent in Inter Milan. The match once again ended in a draw, with both teams scoring one goal each, resulting in a 1-1 scoreline. This showcases Al Nassr FC's ability to compete against top-level teams and secure favorable outcomes.

Before that, on July 25, they encountered Paris Saint Germain (PSG), another high-profile club. The match ended in yet another 0-0 draw, further demonstrating their solid defensive performances and resilience against strong opposition.

However, on July 21, Al Nassr FC faced a challenging match against Benfica, which ended in a 1-4 defeat. Despite managing to score one goal, they conceded four, leading to a significant loss.

Similarly, on July 18, they suffered a heavy defeat against Real Club Celta de Vigo SAD, with a scoreline of 0-5. The match proved to be one-sided, with Al Nassr FC unable to find the net while conceding five goals.

Overall, Al Nassr FC's performances in the INT CF tournament indicate that they are capable of holding their ground against top-tier teams, as shown by their draws against Inter Milan and PSG. However, they have also faced challenging losses against formidable opponents like Benfica and Real Club Celta de Vigo SAD. These friendly matches provide valuable experience and preparation for their future competitions in domestic and international football.

Al Nassr Predicted XI – Al-Aqidi; S. Al Ghannam, Oujami, Al-Amri, Telles; Brozovic, Fofana; K. Al Ghannam, Talisca, Ghareeb; Ronaldo

US Monastir Predicted XI – Be Said; Soltani, Salhi, Zeguei, Welly; Mannai, Sarr, Boutiche; Mhirsi, Traore, Medfai

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