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FIFA U20 World Cup Round of 16 Brazil U20 vs Tunisia U20 Match Preview and Lineups

FIFA U20 World Cup




Brazil U20 vs Tunisia U20


FIFA U20 World Cup

Match Date:

1-06 -2023

Match Time:

11.00 PM IST (UTC +5:30)


Estadio Ciudad de La Plata

Match Live Info



Prediction and Preview

The match between Brazil U20 and Tunisia U20 is expected to be a competitive encounter. Brazil U20 is the favorite, having finished first in their group, while Tunisia U20 finished second in their group. The outcome will depend on team tactics and individual performances.

Brazil U20 is a talented and successful team with a rich footballing history. They are known for their skillful and attacking style of play, and have won multiple U20 World Cups in the past.

Tunisia U20 is the national youth football team of Tunisia. While they have shown promise and achieved notable results in the past, determining the overall "best" would require a comprehensive analysis of their performance, achievements, and player development.

FIFA U20 World Cup Round of 16 is a knockout stage where top teams from the group stage compete in single-elimination matches. The matches are highly competitive as teams aim to advance and compete for the U20 World Cup title

Tunisia U20 had difficulty in making the playoffs, finishing as the third-ranked team in their group. With only three points, they had a solid defensive record, conceding only two goals in the group stage

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